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Leather comes from many sources: cattle or buffalo, pigs, alligators, ostrich, snake skin, and some other obscure critters. Consequently, there's a huge market for commercial leather cleaners. What works well on some leathers, does not necessarily work on others.


It's probably easier to have a professional clean the leather for you, but if you'd rather do it yourself, or at least give it a try, here are some tips to help keep your leather looking new.


Homemade Recipes for Cleaning and Conditioning Leather:

For full cleaning and conditioning, try this mixture:

•           1 part white vinegar

•           2 parts neat’s-foot oil OR food grade linseed oil

•           Use a white lint free cloth to swirl on, leave overnight then buff for maximum shine.

Remove any mildew or mold on leather before starting with a regular cleaning. To remove mildew, try this inexpensive, easy recipe:

•           1 part rubbing alcohol

•           1 part water

•           Spray on or use on a dampened cloth. Use a clean white lint free cloth and replace as it gets dirty. Avoid direct sunlight and allow to air dry. You may also turn on a fan and allow it to gently waft over the surface.


Removing Stains from Leather

It may be impossible to remove all stains from leather, depending on their origin. However, here are some simple cleaning tips that might help.

•           Toothpaste straight on the stain, lightly scrubbed in and then wiped off.

•           Try non-acetone nail polish remover wipes on ink stains.

•           Aerosol hairspray works well on tough stains. Spray the hairspray directly on the stain and wipe away. This may take several swipes so keep at it.

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