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It is a great new concept and it is a real relief. Now I donít have to be guilty about requesting my maid for doing this kind of a work for me because...

Customer Service 

Whether it's a broken button, previously unseen spot, or color fading, imperfect results are a problem. Damage that occurs during the cleaning process may stem from the failure of a component part to be cleaned or from the circumstances of use. Regardless, cleaning customers need to know who is responsible for damaged items and what recourse they have to remedy the situation. Managers and counter personnel are instructed that Good customers are worth almost anything to preserve. Re-cleaning will be done without question.


Many customers sometimes have difficulty realizing that a large manufacturer can make mistakes. They feel it is more likely that the small business, the laundry, would be at fault. The customer also feels that since you had the garment last, you are at fault. It is our pleasure to go to the Large Retailer or Manufacture on your behalf.


In a perfect world, our customer service representatives would be able to solve all problems with the many means they have at their disposal..

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