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It is a great new concept and it is a real relief. Now I don’t have to be guilty about requesting my maid for doing this kind of a work for me because...

Corporate Services 

Reboot runs a sophisticated Shoe Laundry pick-up and delivery service that will provide a significant employee benefit to your company at no cost. Here is how it works.


Every corporate customer receives a Reboot valet bag. Simply place shoes in the valet bag with a completed order slip and leave it at the designated pick-up area. Special instructions regarding stains or repairs should be noted.


Orders are picked up on the next scheduled service day and payments are left at the designated service area.


Reboot will set up a schedule you’ll never have to worry about. Twice a week, we’ll visit your office for pick-up & delivery of goods. You never need be disturbed. We’ll establish a convenient drop-off and pick-up point. All you have to do is leave your cleaning needs in our valet bag, any day of the week. Your order will be waiting for you, in the same spot, after our next visit. Just like clockwork.


We are convinced you will love both our quality and our service. So much so…we GUARANTEE it.


Whilst customer satisfaction is guaranteed, things don’t always go as planned. Should a customer claim arise, we promise to handle it in a fair and timely manner. If something goes wrong, we will never ask your company to intervene on our behalf and we will never assert a claim against the company for services provided for the benefit of an employee. Reboot will never ask your company to assist us in the collection of an employee’s account. Reboot shall be solely liable for damages and loss to articles placed in our care. We take pride in our business knowing that we can provide the highest level of customer service in the Shoe Laundry industry!

If you're interested in learning more about how Reboot can help your business achieve its goals, just send us an email on

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