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It is a great new concept and it is a real relief. Now I donít have to be guilty about requesting my maid for doing this kind of a work for me because...

Price List 

Besides offering superior service, Reboot charges reasonably for its deliverables. We offer services that are value for your rupee. Our prices are:


1.    Sports Shoes/ Canvas : Rs. 220
2.    Leather/ Nubuck/ Suede Shoes : Rs. 350
3.    Ladies Sandals : Rs. 250-300
4.    Kids/ Infant shoes : Rs. 200
5.    Leather/ Nubuck/ Suede Boots (ankle to knee length) :
       Rs. 400-600
6.    Purses/ Gym Bags/ Laptop Bags/ Luggage Bags/
       School Bags : Rs. 400-1500
7.    Leather/ Nubuck/ Suede Jackets : Rs. 500-1500
8.    Leather/ Nubuck/ Suede Belts : Rs. 200-300
9.    For repairs please allow us to give you a quote

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