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It is a great new concept and it is a real relief. Now I donít have to be guilty about requesting my maid for doing this kind of a work for me because...

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Ms. Vinnie Chadha is a Business Management graduate and an Event Management Diploma holder from the National Institute of Event Management. Vinnie attributes her upbringing and her education to her transformation from a shy, reserved person to an outspoken ambitious woman, who managed to make it to the Final 20 in Business Baazigar in spite of her young age and lack of professional experience.

As a management studies graduate, Vinnie was driven to do her own thing, instead of going down the staid route of taking up a routine job.

Obsessed about cleanliness in daily life, with a penchant for collecting footwear, she struck upon the ingenious idea of marrying the two into a business opportunity. She took the idea with her as a contestant on the reality show "Business Baazigar" on ZEE TV. And thus, Reboot was born, germinating from Vinnie's vision of starting a shoe laundry.

According to her, people have the capacity of buying several pairs of shoes and bags, but donít have time to maintain them. Through her laundry, Vinnie aims to make it easier for patrons to keep their shoes and bags well-maintained and neat.

Executive Profile
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