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It is a great new concept and it is a real relief. Now I donít have to be guilty about requesting my maid for doing this kind of a work for me because...

About Us 

Reboot - The Shoe Laundry, Servicing your footwear, bags and leather accessories since 2005.

Are you someone who understands the importance of clean, germ-free feet and footwear? Are you obsessed about keeping your designer shoes in perfect shape? Does a busy lifestyle keep you from taking care of your favorite sneakers? Do your long hours deprive your boots of essential care? Are you searching for an avenue for footwear fitness?

What you need is a dependable service designed to keep those shoes smiling. It is more than just a luxury; it is a necessity. And we at Reboot give you the perfect helping hand.

Reboot the shoe laundry caters to maintenance needs for your expensive shoes. We provide cleaning, repair and polishing services for all kinds of footwear - for men, women and children alike, be it sports shoes, suede shoes, leather shoes or any other kind of footwear.

Reboot has also extended its services to providing cleaning services to our patrons for items such as ladies purses, wallets, school bags, offices bags, hand bags, pouches, luggage bags, caps and belts etc.

Reboot has more personnel mobilized and more satisfied customers than any other shoe laundry. We have built a successful business on the principle of convenient service and quality work.

So if you think its time for you shoes, boots, purses and luggage to get a complete make over, we invite you to avail Reboots offer, of giving your precious articles some well-deserved nourishing treatment, through completely hygienic processes.

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